“In 1994 Bill Baron decided to start his own business, Baron’s Specialty Foods Inc.
Up to this time, Bill had been working in the seasoning business since he was 16 doing all the jobs you could possibly imagine. He was known for developing quality products for the Natural Foods Market and Specialty Food Stores. When he started his own business, everyone thought he was crazy. Like starting any business, it wasn’t easy. Luckily, he met people who appreciated what he had to offer and gave him the opportunity to create specialty seasonings for them. At this time he became known as “The Spice Guy” and he supplied the seasonings that are used by professional food people and chefs in quality stores. Eventually, those people told him that they thought the seasonings were great and that they should be sold retail so more people can enjoy them. The result is “Baron’s Savoury Secrets” line of seasonings. These seasonings have been developed by listening and working with people who have a passion for preparing food and exploring new ingredients and flavor sensations. They are now available to you.